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The Shit That Takes Up Space in My Head

“For this poster, I started with the words, “visible panty lines” as something rather absurd to have floating around in our American beauty culture.” Read more about the poster and the Designer below.

Prints are 20×30″ and printed on 9 mil poster paper with your choice of glossy or matte finish. The 9 mil Photobase Glossy paper will give you shiny, lustrous prints that look exquisite on display. The 9 mil Photobase Matte paper is ideal if you prefer a clean, glare-free print.

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About the work
“For this poster, I started with the words, “visible panty lines” as something rather absurd to have floating around in our American beauty culture. Or rather, why it matters so much to NOT have visible panty lines. I’ve been working with an Intuitive Eating nutritionist for the past year to heal my disordered eating. It is both interesting and sad to me how much time I have wasted thinking about how I can change how I look and hating my appearance. All that energy could have been spent doing useful things like helping to fight fat phobia or racism or sexism or trying to find ways to reduce inequalities in my world. Diet and beauty culture (and the patriarchy) rely on us women being distracted by their destructive nonsense to make money and keep us too preoccupied to fight back. While we were obsessing over the number on the scale, we lost the right to a legal abortion in many US states. Our priorities are a mess. I polled other white middle-aged woman-identifying friends about what they think about before they leave the house and incorporated their ideas into the text. I sourced a stock digital illustration for this submission in the interest of time, but future explorations could include more personal imagery. The illustration is meant to be inclusive of all body sizes as none of us is immune to the tactics of diet and beauty culture and we all suffer equally for different reasons. My message is not a new one, but I hope it is either supportive for other women who also feel betrayed by diet and beauty culture or educational for those who do not suffer from the internal barrage of questions that woman subject themselves to on a regular basis.”

About the Designer
“I am a thoughtful graphic designer, experienced communications leader, and best-selling licensed greeting card artist based in Lynn, MA. I love envisioning and working within branded systems, creating fresh takes on print and digital materials, designing for impactful events, and doing whatever needs to get done to make sure projects are done on time, within budget, and as PERFECT as humanly possible. I live for clean design, bold color, and excellent typography. When I am not obsessing about consistency, efficiency, or sustainability, I can be found in a dance class, on a road trip with my husband and daughter, or bingeing smart and wry content. A brief portfolio may be found at A larger collective of my work may be found at”

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Dimensions 20 × 30 in

Glossy, Matte

By aigamaine
Published April 7, 2024