Poster by Aressa Goodrich – AIGA Maine Poster Show


Life is Resilient

“I began this project by going out on a trek into the forest to gather various types of mushrooms, as they are the core of a forested ecosystem.” Read more about the poster and the Designer below.

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About the work
“I began this project by going out on a trek into the forest to gather various types of mushrooms, as they are the core of a forested ecosystem. In this scavenge I also collected dirt, moss, twigs, and leaves, as additional imagery for the poster. I then set up many scenes in my studio to photograph. After the photoshoot I edited them on my computer, carefully examining all the elements and exploring how to make the images work together. I used some of my letraset typography that I had manipulated by hand to put together the title for the poster. This poster was made to represent the resiliency of nature and the impact climate change has on humans. This is in order to demonstrate that not only are we a part one in the same with the many elements of nature in that we are all living organisms, but that plant lives are not the only lives at stake. The subject of resilience is important to convey because of the rising issue fo climate doomism.”

About the Designer
Aressa Goodrich studied graphic design at Maine College of Art & Design. There, she learned about typography, photography, illustration, collage, painting and art history. In her artwork, Aressa likes to find ways to incorporate her love for graphic design and typography with her love for art history and technique. She puts great effort into allowing space for her work to evolve. This is often achieved by introducing new tools and techniques to her creative process. Recently, she has found that in her independent projects, her paralleled passion for both art and graphic design manifests itself in a crossover between digital and analog media.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 30 in

Glossy, Matte

By aigamaine
Published April 7, 2024