Member Spotlight: James Sobol, AIGA Maine Communications Board Member

This month’s AIGA Maine Member Spotlight features Communications Board Member, James Sobol. We talked to him about work, his life in Maine, and his experience with AIGA.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
After 10+ years of living and working as a designer in Brooklyn, NY, James Sobol relocated to Freeport, Maine, with his wife and daughter. James is currently working as a creative director at Anchour in Lewiston. Through typography, iconography, and research, his work blends classic and modern visuals to construct strong, timeless brands.

Why do you choose to live in Maine?
Maine is truly a unique place with deep roots of history and heritage. It’s also a place of innovation and ingenuity. I find that tension to be creatively rewarding.

Why did you join AIGA Maine?
After moving to Maine in 2016, I found no shortage of talented, creative individuals, but was surprised to learn how little communication was happening between these separate parties. I think Maine has all the tools to be a creative hub for designers – new and established – if we build it together. My goal as a board member is to connect and celebrate our talented community and bring awareness to what our state can offer regarding design and creative thinking.

What are a few of your favorite spots in Maine?
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens; Rose Foods; and Sebago Lake.

Favorite design Instagram?
@Munich72Collected – Such a great collection of assets from the 72’ Olympics in Munich. Endless inspiration for color, typography, and layout.

Recommended readings, podcasts, etc?
– Book: Paul Rand: A Designers Art
– Podcast: 99% Invisible
– Film: How to Draw a Bunny (Ray Johnson Documentary)

What aspects, trends, or inspirations in design are you currently inspired by?
I search for beauty in imperfections, so the wabi-sabi philosophy is something I’m attracted to and try to instill in my design work. I wouldn’t call it a style or trend, but more so a principle.

You can view James Sobol’s website here and follow along on his Instagram @jamessobol.

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