CARVE 2016


CARVECARVE is a good-natured high speed pumpkin carving challenge brought to you by AIGA Maine.

Teams of carvers will have one hour to cut, hack and assemble the best pumpkin creations, as chosen by our judges and public votes.

The goal of CARVE is to gather the local creative community, celebrate fall, and support AIGA Maine’s professional development and mentorship programs.

Come out and showcase your design skills, with a chance to be crowned CARVE champion. Registration is open to teams of 2 to 4 carvers; designers, art directors, developers, artists, copywriters, photographers, and all other creative professionals are welcome.

The Details: Where and When

Date: October 22, 2016
Time: 3:00 – 6:30pm
Venue: Circus Maine
  4 Thompson’s Point
  Portland, ME 04102
Pricing: Entrants: $50
  Attendance: Free

Schedule of Events

3:00pm Carving Begins!
4:00pm Carving ends — Carvers bring their pumpkins indoors and place on judging tables.
4:15pm Judging — Public can cast “People’s Choice” vote.
5:00pm Awards Ceremony — AIGA announces Judges’ and People’s Choice winners and award trophies.
5:30pm Celebration! Enjoy drinks and mingle.

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

The Bar Association

Bissell Brothers
Table 6 Designs

Rising Tide Brewery


  • Teams consist of 2–4 carvers.
  • Teams may be assembled of friends, co-workers, or colleagues.
  • All team members should work in a creative profession and/or be an AIGA member.
  • Team entry fees:
    • Team of 2: $50
    • Team of 3: $65
    • Team of 4: $75
  • The entry fee is a tax-deductible donation.
  • All teams must pre-register and pay entry fees prior to the event.
  1. Teams must supply their own pumpkin(s) and carving tools.
  2. Pumpkins may be any size, shape or color.
  3. Your design must include one pumpkin (of any size) per team member.
  4. Pumpkins must be gutted before carving begins to save time and reduce on-site mess.
  1. Carving time is 60 minutes.
  2. Other than planning and gutting, no other prep work (drawing, scoring, pre-cutting, etc.) may be done to pumpkins prior to the event.
  3. Carvers may incorporate multiple pumpkins, gourds, and similar materials as accessories or in support of the entry.
  4. Organic or inorganic props may be used, but cannot comprise the majority of the finished piece. (Carving skills will be evaluated most heavily by judges.)
  5. Carvers may use any tools of their choice.
  6. Power tools are acceptable but must be battery operated or have their own power source (no power provided).
  7. Lighting the pumpkin(s) is up to the carver (no power provided).
  8. Carvers must transport their creations from the carving table to the judging station.
  1. Judges will evaluate and score each team's entry based on:
    • Technical skill
    • Ambition
    • Creativity
    • Presentation
  2. All entries will also be eligible for a People's Choice Award, to be selected by attendees. Carvers may cast a People's Choice vote for their own or others' entry.
By aigamaine
Published August 25, 2016