ZURB // Foundation Workshop

Want to learn to code responsive sites? Learn from the developers of Foundation, a front-end responsive framework on the cutting edge of mobile-first design. See what Foundation can do.

This workshop, led by ZURB's product lead Matt Kelly, is an introductory class covering the fundamentals of every section of Foundation. It's implementation-focused, and doesn't require experience with Foundation—you'll be ready to start building responsive web pages. 

The workshop is three hours of hands-on work. Normally priced at $300, we're offering it for just $125 if you're not an AIGA member (but hey, you can become one for just $50) and $100 for members. 

About ZURB
Facebook, eBay, Yahoo! Those are just a few of the clients ZURB has helped, but that's only a handful of the thousands of startups they've helped grow over the last 15 years. And in our opinion, it's not even the coolest thing about them.

ZURB is dedicated to design for people and they believe a designed world is a better world (can we hear an amen?). Check out their parallaxed manifesto goodness.

Harrisburg University

When & Where
Fri, Oct 4, 2013 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Harrisburg University
326 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA