The Power of Data Visualization: A Workshop with ADG Creative and Column Five

ADG Creative and AIGA have joined forces to bring you a special presentation by Column Five.

A new generation of consumers is more cynical than ever with regard to brands and their messaging. Reaching them is challenging; appealing to them is a formidable task. The way to their hearts is through their curiosity - they crave new information and knowledge, presented in unique and engaging ways. The visualization of information and data can be used to communicate a story that leaves room for the skeptical consumer to draw their own conclusions, start their own conversations, and love the company that brought it to them.

Column Five will explore the ways in which companies are using infographics and data visualization to inform and entertain their audiences. The creation of this visual content is enabling communication in a way that is at once engaging and simple to understand. We will look at why the visualization of information is so effective and how to best use it to achieve your objectives.

About Column Five:
Column Five is a leading creative agency specializing in infographic design, data visualization, and social PR. They have worked with hundreds of clients representing a range of industries, such as GE, Intuit, Microsoft, Sony, eBay, and the World Bank. Their work has been featured in Fast Company, the Atlantic, TIME, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and GOOD magazine. They speak on the subject of infographics frequently, including recent talks at the Federal Reserve and AIGA, and teach a course on Visualization of Information at Columbia University.

Members: $10
Non-Members: $20
Door: $15/$25

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When & Where
Tue, Sep 24, 2013 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
ADG Creative
7151 Columbia Gateway Drive
Suite B
Columbia, Maryland 21046