MK12: 26 Inspirational Things
Timmy Fisher is tired. He's been working for 12 years non-stop after starting up MK12, a little studio on the midcoast, with his good friends from art school. For a kid from Topeka, Kansas, he's seen some things, learned some stuff, and made a ton of mistakes. And now he thinks it's time to impart some of this "knowledge" to anybody that'll listen.
This particular diatribe tries to focus on "26 Inspirational Things" - a list of people, places, thoughts, and work that has made Timmy a better artist, collaborator, and person.  Through this list, he'll tell tales of the studio, production, and influences that have informed the MK12 collective brain.

Students - $5.00
Members - $10.00
Non-members - $20.00
Parking Information: Please park on the 5th Floor (top level) as ODU will not ticket you if you are parked here
When & Where
Thu, Mar 21, 2013 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM EDT
Old Dominion University Dragas Hall: Room 2117
Norfolk, Virginia 23508