Italic Calligraphy Workshop with Anne Elser


This is an introductory look at Italic, one of the most widely used and versatile calligraphic hands around. It is highly legible and can easily be dressed up or down. Italic is the perfect hand to learn for the beginning calligrapher yet versatile enough to experiment with for the advanced.

Discover what it feels like to create drawn letters by dipping a steel pen nib into an ink well. Follow the different rhythmic dances of the Italic hand as your world is simplified through the narrow lens of your hands, ink and paper.

Calligraphy is less about pretty handwriting, but more about DRAWING each and every letter. It's about establishing a pace and rhythmic motion as you write---giving you a consistency of shapes and letters, and spaces in between words and lines. It is highly relaxing and meditative. Like yoga for the hands.

Students will be given handouts and guide sheets as we learn the basic construction of all lower case characters. A brief overview and demo (as time allows) will be given of the capitals and of spacing and flow within the construction of a word.

We'll have time to break for lunch and at the end, you'll be quite proud of your beautiful italic strokes and letterforms.

Trustees and Design Leaders - free
Contributing-, Supporting- and Sustaining-level members - $45
Student Members - $45
Student Non-Members - $60
Non-Members - $60



Write the workshop manager Philip Berwick at

When & Where
Sat, Sep 29, 2012 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM EDT
3330 Piedmont Rd
Suite 18
Atlanta, Georgia 30305