Fresh Prints: Fundamentals of Print in the New Media
Sappi Fine Paper, SCAD and AIGA Atlanta are partnering to provide students with an introductory workshop by Daniel Dejan, North American ETC Print and Creative Manager for Sappi Fine paper, about the fundamentals of color management and print as a crucial component of the new media mix.
This workshop is student-focused, however it is FREE and open to the public. You MUST register online to attend.
The workshop is Friday, October 26th from 9 am to 1 pm at SCAD in Event Space 4C. Free parking is available in the SCAD parking deck.
Learn more about the topics that will be covered in the workshop and about speaker Daniel Dejan below.
The Standard No. 2 — Intro. to Color Management
An introductory workshop demonstrating how to understand color from monitor to press and beyond. The seminar is broken into three parts. The first section demonstrates how to go beyond four-color process with touch-plates, ink substitution and stochastic using a comparative demonstration of the same image. The second section addresses Color Management. Expert tips are recommended for getting better color and managing the digital workflow. Lastly, the third section goes beyond four-color and shows a variety of techniques including UV, special match inks and Extreme Silver (also known as MetalFX and Liquid Foil) to expand and augment the standard print gamut.
Print in the New Media Mix (Life with Print)
Integrated Marketing, Multi-Channel Distribution, Social Media/Networking are a few of the many descriptors currently used to describe the new business models being implemented by advertisers, marketers and media strategists. Our consumer society is abound with new devices, many hand held, as primary sources for communications and intra-connectivity which leads traditional, legacy medias such as television, radio and Print to ask the larger questions. Where do we fit in? Is Print truly a waning media? Is it being replaced by "disruptive technology"?
A discussion on how the print industry can evolve its share by proving its effectiveness as part of the communications mix: how does Print complement Social Networking and the Internet; how will eReaders and Tablets impact Publishing and readership; how using QR codes and Augmented Reality codes can add a multi-media and multi-dimensional aspect to enhance the Print experience.
Using elements from Sappi's Life with Print US and European campaigns, this discussion demonstrates the truly unique way print adds value to capturing memories, imagination and attention to build brands, sell goods and deliver corporate messages. Focus is on generating visibility for the concept of print as a superior communications mix within the creative community and among advertising and marketing decision makers and influencers.
About Daniel Dejan
Daniel Dejan is an award-winning graphic designer, art/creative director, production manager and print buyer. He is widely respected in as both an educator and a talented presenter with a wealth of content to share with the communications, graphic arts and print industry.
As North American ETC Print & Creative Manager for Sappi Fine Paper, Dejan provides value-added marketing, sales and technical consultation as well as in-house and end-user training and education for the print, paper and creative communities. Dejan is Certified G7 Expert with a proficiency in Color and Color Management.
Working as a member of Sappi's ETC Group: Education, Consulting and Training, Dejan travels all over the map sharing his expertise in keynote addresses, seminars and workshops for AIGA as well as other various printing and communications organizations.
SCAD Atlanta | 1600 Peachtree Street NE | Atlanta, GA
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For questions, please contact Addie Courington.
When & Where
Fri, Oct 26, 2012 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT
SCAD Atlanta
1600 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309