Designing with Web Fonts: Type, Responsively

Part of the Soapbox Lecture Series

Designing with Web Fonts: Type, Responsively
A friendly walking tour of the state of typography on the web with Jason Pamental


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You can’t design ‘content first’ without good typography, but there’s more to it than just dropping in a line of Javascript or linking to some CSS. Tour Guide Jason Pamental will cover things like:
• Font services vs. self-hosting (smackdown-style)
• Where they work (and where they don’t)
• Performance (and how to get more of it)
• Icon fonts (even MORE resolution independence)
• Mobile use (benefits and bear traps)
• Fallbacks, FOUT & Freakouts (don’t present to clients without this)
• Super Fancy (ff)eatures (ligatures & other Open Type goodness) 

Jason loves web fonts and good typography—but he knows it is still a bit ‘Wild West’ out there, so it pays to be prepared.

More about Jason:
Jason Pamental has worked on the web since 1994. With a background in design and an intimate understanding of technology and its application on the web, he has led creative and technical teams for NFL and America’s Cup teams, Fortune 25 and technology corporations and many other clients, serving in both creative and technical roles. A passionate advocate of web standards and accessibility, Jason embraces new developments in web typography and responsive design as the next logical evolution in usability, search and maintenance of complex web systems. In addition to his consulting practice, Jason speaks about Responsive Design, Web Typography and Web Strategy at conferences and pretty much anywhere people will listen.

When & Where
Wed, Sep 11, 2013 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM EDT
Hollywood Theater
1449 Potomac Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15216