Debbie Millman on Rejections

Friday, August 23
6:30pm - Networking
7:00pm - Talk

Russell Hill Rodgers Lecture Hall
Southwest School of Art, Navarro Campus

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$25 - NonMember

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On Rejection, a Talk by Debbie Millman
On Rejection, or how the worst moments of your life can turn out to be the best (and vice versa), is a funny and heartbreaking tale of making it (or not) in New York. The presentation begins in early 2003 when a good friend sent Debbie Millman an email with a subject line that read: Begin drinking heavily before opening. The email contained a link that took her to a “blog,” the first-ever online forum about graphic design and branding. Suddenly she found herself reading an article that disparaged her entire career to date. This experience—in tandem with a number of historical rejections and setbacks—sent Millman into deep despair, and she seriously considered leaving the design profession altogether. In a series of poignant, revealing and sometimes hysterical anecdotes, Debbie will share her journey out of despair and degradation and offer insight on how the worst moments in your life can actually become the most profound and life affirming.

About Debbie Millman
Debbie Millman is President of the design division at Sterling Brands. She has been there for 18 years and in that time she has worked on the redesign of over 200 global brands, including projects with P&G, Colgate, Nestle, Kraft and Pepsi. Debbie is President Emeritus of AIGA, the largest professional association for design in the world. She is a contributing editor at Print Magazine and Co-Founder and Chair of the world’s first Masters in Branding Program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. In 2005, she began hosting, “Design Matters,” the first podcast about design on the Internet. In 2011, the show was awarded a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award. She is the author of five books on design and branding, including the best-selling Brand Thinking and Other Noble Pursuits. Last year, an exhibition of her visual essays debuted at the Chicago Design Museum.

When & Where
Fri, Aug 23, 2013 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EDT
Southwest School of Art - Navarro Campus
Russell Hill Rodgers Lecture Hall
1201 Navarro Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205