Member Spotlight: Elissa Von Letkemann, AIGA Maine Partnerships Board Member

This month’s AIGA Maine Member Spotlight features Partnerships/Sponsorships Board Member, Elissa Von Letkemann. We talked to her about her work, life in Maine, and experience with AIGA.

About Elissa Von Letkemann:
Elissa Von Letkemann is a designer, educator, and artist. She has held in-house designer positions at Stonewall Kitchen, The Peabody Essex Museum and Winter Holben Architecture & Design, but is best known as founder and design director of her award-winning boutique firm, Elissa Von Letkemann Art & Design where she works with a variety of clients in the arts, food + beverage, beauty and home goods industries across the US and further afield in Italy, The Netherlands and Iceland.

As an educator, Elissa has taught art and design courses at McIntosh College, The New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University, Lesley University College of Art & Design, and The University of New Hampshire.

In addition to her professional creative work, Elissa maintain a multidisciplinary art practice consisting of digital art, shibori textiles, collage, resin, and painting. Her work is regularly exhibited at arts events, galleries, eateries and other public spaces across New England and resides in private collections across the country. Elissa has been a member of the AIGA for many years, currently serving on the Board of AIGA Maine.

Why do you choose to live in Maine?
I actually live right on the border in Portsmouth, NH. I have lived on the seacoast on and off for much of my adult life so it is truly home to me.

Why is serving on the AIGA Maine Board meaningful to you?
As someone who has been positively impacted by the AIGA, I’d like to get more involved and I hope to be able to expand awareness of the organization to a wider audience in the state beyond the Portland area.

What are a few of your favorite spots in Maine?
My top Maine favorites would include August suppers at Chauncey Creek in Kittery Point (preferably arriving by boat with BYO tablecloths, wildflower bouquets, and hurricane lamps); the sparkly gentle morning waves at Seapoint and Harbor Beaches; and solo-roaming the Alex Katz Collection at the Colby Museum of Art.

Three words that inspire/motivate you as a designer (if not a designer, in your field of work):
Authenticity, beauty, and giving credit (to clients/colleagues/inspirations/other designers/historic design movements, etc.)

A design book/podcast/film that you recommend:
Meggs History of Graphic Design, edited by my former professor, Alston Purvis.

What aspects, trends, or inspirations in design are you currently inspired by?
I’m loving experimenting with mixing visuals with audio.

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