A Celebration of Black History Month, Part 2: Laini Abernathy

This February, we have been shining a light on a group of influential Black designers from the past and present and exploring how their work has informed and continues to inspire the greater design community.

Our second installment focuses on the work of Laini Abernathy, also known as Sylvia Abernathy. Abernathy’s work has been brought into the spotlight and is currently being rediscovered through recent donations given to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Archives.

Abernathy played an important part in the Black Arts Movement (BAM) in 1960s Chicago.

She is known for her work on the Wall of Respect, a mural made in honor of black heroes, as well as the jazz album covers she created for Delmark Records during that time.

Laini Abernathy title slide

Laini Abernathy 1

Laini Abernathy 2

Laini Abernathy 3

Laini Abernathy 4

Laini Abernathy 5

Laini Abernathy references

Published February 27, 2023