Member Spotlight: Aressa Goodrich, AIGA Maine Communications Board Member

This month’s AIGA Maine Member Spotlight features Communications Board Member Aressa Goodrich. We talked to her about work, her life in Maine, and her experience with AIGA.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Aressa Goodrich learned the language of design at Maine College of Art & Design where she received her BFA in Graphic Design. Here, she discovered her desire to find ways in which her design skills could facilitate communication and interaction. Aressa likes to involve herself in non-profits such as AIGA Maine, The Book Fairy Pantry Project, and Portland Downtown to stay engaged with her community.

Aressa constantly explores new ideas and media in her professional and personal work. She considers herself a multimedia designer because she enjoys learning new modes of creating content whenever possible. She edits video and audio, and creates motion graphics, editorial layouts, print collateral, branding, social media, and written content. Her constant exploration of new technologies in her own time helps inform her professional work and allows it to evolve continuously.

Why do you choose to live in Maine?
I live and work in Maine because of its beauty and all the connections I have made while going to school and working here. Although I am not from Maine, I have moved around a lot in my life and I don’t consider any of those places home like I do Maine.

Why did you join AIGA Maine?
It is important to me because I believe that design can really change the world around us, and not only do I want to be a part of that change, I want to remind other designers of the impact their design work can have.

What are a few of your favorite spots in Maine?
SPACE Gallery, Markings Gallery, Arcadia, and Artists & Craftsman.

Favorite design Instagram?
– Designed well, not design related: Environment by Impact (@environment)
– Design related: @pangram.pangram, @digital_archive

Three words that inspire/motivate you as a designer:
Play, Observe, Learn.

Recommended readings, podcasts, etc?
– Books: The Senses: Design Beyond Vision, Nature: Collaborations in Design
– Podcasts: 99% Invisible, Design Matters, Design Freaks

What aspects, trends, or inspirations in design are you currently inspired by?
Translating the physical world into the digital. This often lets me combine my interests in nature photography and digital programs.

Please visit Aressa’s portfolio here and follow her on Instagram.

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