General requirements for all board members
Board members are elected to serve and represent the entire membership of AIGA to the best of their ability in accordance with the AIGA’s Mission and their board position description. The list of general expectations below serves as a baseline and is by no means all inclusive.

The AIGA Maine President establishes and conveys the vision of the board of directors while serving as the primary contact between the Chapter and the National Office. He/she is expected to preside at all board meetings and business meetings of the chapter. He/she is responsible for running the board meetings, setting the agenda and keeping the board focused on its objectives. He/she also directs and manages all chapter activities, programs and services. The president considers special projects and the long-range goals of the chapter.

Co President
The Vice President is a current Board Member who is being groomed for, or interested in becoming, the next President. The Vice President works directly with the President to assist in maintaining the direction of the board of directors. He/she is responsible for working with the entire board to ensure that the goals of the chapter are being met.

The Secretary works with the President, Vice President, and Treasurer to review event proposals and budgets, make decisions regarding Chapter policy, and provide guidance for the Board of Directors and the Chapter as a whole. The Secretary is responsible for keeping all Board members up-to-date on pertinent dates and details.

Operations Director 
The Operations Director performs administrative assistance to the chapter, managing all details and communications relating to chapter operations. He/she maintains accurate accounts and records of all chapter activities, events, internal communications, meetings and board member information, including the preparation of status reports, agendas, and meeting minutes. The director also manages the filing of board reports with the National office.

Communications Director 
The Communications Director manages communications between the AIGA Maine Board and the local membership, and facilitates communications with the national office, to build awareness and promote AIGA Maine programs, events and issues. The Communications Director will work closely with the Programs Director, Membership Director and the Digital Media Director to review all AIGA Maine communications to assure that they: 1) meet the needs of our members and 2) support AIGA’s mission and present the AIGA brand effectively, appropriately, consistently.

Programs Director
The Programs Director conceives of and produces the programs, events, speaking engagements and workshops of the local chapter. He/she coordinates and oversees the planning and staging of these events, and ensures they reflect AIGA’s national mission and the needs of the local chapter and the graphics community.

Special Events Director 
The Special Events Director coordinates and oversees the planning and staging of a few select and significant Chapter events that require long term planning. He/she also works closely with the Programming Director to develop and support regular programming activities.

Community Outreach 
The Community Outreach Director builds and sustains relationships with the community at large. He/she works to forge valuable connections between our local chapter and local businesses, other creative organizations, potential sponsors, student groups and educators. He/she works to advance the chapter’s visibility and to raise awareness of the role of design in the business world.

Volunteers Director 
The Volunteer Director recruits and motivates volunteers. He/she serves as the initial point of contact for volunteers and then refers them to the appropriate Director based upon their interest (individual board directors manage their own volunteers once a match has been made).

Education Director
The Education Director works with the Community Outreach Director to educate the public about the AIGA and the value of design. He/she also works with the schools in Maine to forge relationships that introduce the design profession to students and faculty, create internship opportunities and offer workshops.

Membership Director 
The Membership Director works to recruit new members, maintain current members, and organize all membership data through the membership database. He/she is the direct point of contact for all members, serving to answer questions, make connections and encourage involvement. The Membership Director coordinates specific events, such as the annual Roundtable discussion to elicit feedback for National growth.

Development Director 
The Development Director manages fundraising and sponsorship sources. He/she is responsible for identifying, contacting and soliciting potential cash and in-kind donors for Chapter events and programs. He/she works closely with the Programs Director to establish a calendar and identify potential sponsors for activities throughout the year.

The Treasurer oversees the financial stability of the chapter to ensure programs and activities are viable. He/she manages all monies associated with the organization.

Digital Media Director 
The Digital Media Director facilitates and maintains the chapter’s online community. He/she manages the AIGA Maine web site, the AIGA Maine Facebook group, and the AIGA Maine twitter presence. He/she works closely with the Communications Director to keep these channels of communication up to date.